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Open Training Drop-IN

Perform a self-guided training session and work on learned skills, flexibility, and strength to take your training to the next level .


Open Training Drop-IN

The Rising strongly recommends all our students ages 13+ to attend Open Training Drop In when they can.  

Getting in that extra practice each week will help you build your strength for inversions and staying in the air longer, help prevent injuries, help you remember and internalize what you learned in class, and gives you a time to even create your own act!

* this is NOT a structured class.  Coach provides safety supervision and can assist students with any questions they have on skills they have already learned in class.  Coach does not teach new skills.

Disciplines Available to Train:

  • Silk

  • Hoop

  • Trapeze

  • Hammock

  • Flexibility/Contortion

  • Strength

  • Handstands


Saturdays 1:15 - 2:15pm and

select Wednesdays 11:45 - 1:00pm

Studio B

$12 + tax (make-up classes are free)


Days/Dates TBD

$12 + tax 

* No make-up classes in the summer session

How to Register

  • ​Click on REGISTER button below to reserve

  • Log in or create a Rising account


  • Complete all info and checkout process

  • Your account will be charged manually by the office at a later date.   Please finish the check out process even though the cost will show up as $0.00

  • When you arrive to drop in supervising coach will ask if you are doing a regular drop in or a make up class and will record it in our books

  • CANCELATION: 24 hours notice MUST be given via email to if you need to cancel your reservation.  You will be charged the full amount and forfeit your makeup class if 24 hours notice is not given

About Make Up Classes

  • if you are making up a missed class you still need to reserve your spot as detailed above

  • no extra charge for make up classes

  • when you arrive for open training, notify supervising instructor that you are making up a missed class so they can document it and you will not be charged

  • make up class MUST be made up in SAME SESSION as missed class.  Missed classes do not carry over into subsequent sessions

Make Up Class

Rules & Regulations


  • Attendees can only train on The Rising's aerial equipment due to insurance reasons.  Exceptions may be made if proof of own personal liability/accident insurance can be shown

  • No Instagram/Social Media self-taught skills

  • Coach provides safety supervision

  • Space is shared so please respect your fellow circus artists and share equipment and stereo 

  • If you would like to switch out equipment or alter heights, please ask supervising coach to make adjustments

  • If using video/photo please notify others who may appear in your frame

  • Cell phones must be kept on silent mode

  • If you are a student or professional from another circus school you are welcome to come to our Open Training.  Must have at least 3 months of aerial training.  Supervising coach will go over safety and rules of space on your first visit 

  • If you have any questions regarding your eligibility please call the office at 250-857-1785

  •  If no one arrives within first 15 min of open training, doors will be locked and centre will close

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