Hammock silk, hoop, and static trapeze

Gymnastics for 8 yrs and musical theatre productions 



I love being part of a unique team that has the purpose of sharing our passion for the circus arts with an audience. 



Meeting so many unique people with different backgrounds and skill levels who share the same love for doing something extraordinary. 



The best part about being a circus coach is seeing improvement in the students. Witnessing the feeling of self accomplishment when a student reaches their goals or successfully performs a new move for the first time is always a memorable moment as a coach.



Hiking, Running, Crossfit, Biking, Singing, Yoga



National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) certified — #6156415

Making Ethical Decisions


Resistance Training 


Sierra is also a student studying Elementary Education - University of Victoria 


Being a student at the Rising myself in the Advanced Adult Aerial Silks class  I understand the strength and determination it takes to improve allowing me to relate with my students and know how to motivate them to achieve their goals from their perspective.



Owner and Director

Lead Coach Kids/Teens/Adult



Senior Coach- Kids and Teens

Aerialist, Professional Company Member

Sierra's first introduction to circus arts was through a yoga studio.  After her first session, she knew she wanted to explore other aerial apparatuses as well as find some more height. Her expanding interest in the circus arts was conveniently around the time The Rising opened; and she has been here ever since.

Her background includes dance, gymnastics, sports, theatre, and music.

Performance and fitness are two passions of hers that she has engaged in her whole life. She has performed in several musicals and plays throughout grade school, as well as learned the importance of determination and self- discipline to a sport, through her 8 years of gymnastics training. 

While she loves working on and training on all aerial apparatuses, if she had to pick a  favourite, it would be silk due to the combination of elegance and strength it displays.

Sierra has studied circus arts for the past 3 years and continue to learn and develop new skills on all apparatuses offered at The Rising. She has been coaching since early 2018.  

Sierra is also a professional company member of The Rising Circus.  She has performed for various corporate, private, and public events such as at The Empress Hotel, Diner En Blanc, Light Up the Hills, and the Victoria Conference Centre.


What she loves about coaching at The Rising?

The Rising continues to create a diverse community filled with people from all walks of life; I love being a part of this community. Coaching allows me to share my passion for circus and motivate students to achieve their goals and have fun doing so.


Fun Fact:  She is currently a student at University of Victoria pursuing a degree in recreation and health education.


 Kids Coach

Birthday Party Leader

Kylie began circus classes at a young age up island, and made her way from ground circus, to aerial circus. 

After moving to Victoria in 2017, she  found The Rising Circus and it became her new circus home and she began taking classes as well as coaching. 

Kylie specializes in aerial silk and hula hoop.  

 Aside from circus, she is an avid rock climber,  and plays volleyball, and soccer. 


- What I love most about The Rising Circus is how welcoming it is to everyone and how everyone fits perfectly into our big circus family. 

- Fun fact! Kylie can ride a unicycle! 


 Kids Coach

Birthday Party Leader

Caitlyn has been studying circus for two years  and coaching for 1 year. She specializes in Aerial hoop and loves to juggle!

Her favorite part about being a coach is getting to see young circus artists find their wings!

Outside of the circus Caitlyn is an art student who plays bass clarinet in her school's band twice a week and always tries to make time for some outdoor adventures!


Flexibility Coach

Contortionist, Professional Company Member

Since Adi was a child she has always enjoyed the freedom that flexibility gives to her body, and the energy that moves through her. Although Adi was born with a naturally flexible body she had to work to become a contortionist!  She began training later in life when she was 21, and through her experience she knows you can always improve your flexibility, you just need to actually do it! This is why she teaches- because she wants others to know that they can improve too, that it is possible, and that she can guide them through it..... it just a matter of discipline.

Adi got into contortion when one day during one of her classes of aerial arts, Ivanov Niebla (former performer at Cirque Demain/performer at Cirko Alebrije/her teacher) saw potential in her and invited Adi to be part of the circus company Cirko Alebrije in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.  That is where she learned most of her contortion training, and her passion for contortion started growing. 


Adi has a technical degree in performing arts at the University of Guadalajara. There she was thrilled to discover how the beautiful fluidity of expression through movement of the body could also excite the mind. She took one-on-one classes with Alejandra and Laura Ramirez, both professionals of contemporary dance in Guanajuato, Mexico. 


 Moreover, she has had extensive flexibility and strength training with Juan Luis Gonzales, a former coach with Cirque du Soleil. She has also practiced the modalities of gymnastics, acrobatics, and yoga, furthering her understanding of the body arts. 


Arriving to Canada, she has trained in Contemporary dance with Dyana Sonik and Kathy Lang and in Ballet with Amalia Schelhorn.  She was also part of the contemporary dance company Dance Berserker Dance with Kelly Hobson, and performed at the Royal BC museum with Island Circus Space.  In 2019, she had a baby boy and took a little break but she is back and excited to be part of The Rising Team.  It is like her second family.  Adi remarks, "They are so welcoming, silly, good hearted and open to try new things all the time, is just fun! and I’m even more excited to start to share my knowledge with you!"


Fun fact:  family is huge! Since my grandmother have 14 siblings! (And that is just from one side of the family!)


Handstands and Partner Acro Balance

Originally from Bulgaria, Rosen has an extensive acrobatic training background.  He completed the National Sports Academy and was on the Bulgarian National Team for Mixed Pairs in Sport Acrobatics.  Rosen holds a BA PHED., and MA.

He was a gymnastics coach for many years for the Calgary Young Canadians and at the University Of Calgary.  He also was a Ski Coach at the National Sports Academy in Sofia, Bulgary.

You can also find him in private practice in Victoria, BC as a Personal Trainer, specializing in Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation.





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