2022 Workshops & Events 

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Date of Audition for 2022-2023:  Wednesday June 22 from 5:00-7:30pm 

Ages: 12-17

To Confirm Your Audition Spot: 

  • email therisingcircus@gmail.com

  • include name of attendee

  • their age and birthdate

  • name and contact email of guardian/parent

  • auditions will be a closed setting.  No family viewing

The Show Team is for students age 12-17 who have a love for the circus arts, a strong desire to perform, and would like to take their circus training beyond a recreational level.  The Team performs in a full-length circus production created by the Rising’s lead coaches every June and performs for a live audience.  Past productions include: Solstice, Crystallum, and Alice in Circus Land.  

The Team also learns stage management skills by assisting as stage techs in one of the professional companies shows each year.  Other opportunities to perform do arise from time to time and we hope to have the Team perform offsite even more as we grow.   

The week prior to our June show is our designated “rehearsal week” and members must be available Mon-Fri for all scheduled rehearsals.  

Each summer students will attend the Show Team Intensive which consists of 1 week of training in July and 1 week in August.  

Summer  2022-23 Intensive Weeks:

July 11-15 from 9:30am-12:30pm

Aug 8-12 from 9:30am-12:30pm

* for this year only we are waiving the requirement for Show Team members to attend both summer intensive weeks if families have prior summer plans.  You will only be required to attend 1 week.  Attending both weeks is desirable so we do encourage all new members to try to make arrangements to attend both weeks if possible.

Team members must be willing to make a full year commitment to the school (July-June). The 2022-23 class schedule is currently being developed.  The Show Team will train a minimum of 2 days/week starting in the Fall and we will increase to 3 days/week as soon as possible.  The circus school may be in renovations this Fall term to expand our space so this will likely affect scheduling.  We are currently in discussion with the landlord and contractor re: moving forward with our reno plans.  Once these plans are solidified we will make an announcement to the whole school.  We ask for your patience as this will take some time.

Members must meet certain age,  strength, flexibility, and skill levels to be admitted to the Team.

Evaluations will be based on:

  • Technique and Skill level on minimum of 2 aerial apparatus.  Specific skills and a short sequence ( prepared by the coaches)  will be taught to attendees and then performed

  • Strength ( chin ups, leg lifts, inversions, silk climbs, single knee hangs, skin the cats, etc )

  • Flexibility ( minimum full splits in at least 1 direction, back bend with straight arms and legs )

  • Acrobatic ability ( cartwheels, forward rolls, back/front walkovers, head/handstand, etc)

  • Character Performance/ Stage Presence

  • Musicality/Dance

  • Any Special skills?  ( eg. juggling, unicycle, singing, etc )

  • Prior Work ethic and focus in class

  • Training Attitude

  • Attendance ( prior lateness/absence)

  • Physical health ( any past injuries that would affect their training )

  • Sportsmanship

* students do not need to come with any prepared material or act.

A Show Team Handbook with the expectations, rules, schedule, costs, etc will be distributed this summer.

We encourage ALL who may be interested to attend our audition.  Even if you don’t meet all of our requirements yet we would like to see you!  You just never know!  And it will help you better prepare for next year’s audition should you wish to try again.

Let us know if you have any questions.  We hope to have a great turn out to our first ever audition!


NO MORE Boring Workouts Or Repetitive Exercises

​Do you want to learn how to move with a sense of freedom in a safe and engaging environment?

​Then join Emrah & Josh to find out what movement flow and soft acrobatics could offer for you!

​Whether you have no experience at all, you are a beginner or advanced, young or old, if you want to freely express yourself through Movement in a fun, engaging, and blissful experience, you are in the right place.

​With this event series, we aim to teach you new exciting skills like floor acro, hand balancing, soft acrobatics and flow creation while revisiting the fundamentals of moving such as rolling, jumping, sliding, falling to build a good foundation. 

Prerequisites: None​

Date: Wed May 18 & 25

Location: Sudanti Ashtanga Yoga, 920 Hillside Suite 202

Cost: $22-40 per person


**SAVE 20% by using code THERISING when registering