The Rising - Victoria Centre for Circus Arts aerial rigging was designed and executed by
Peter Boulanger
- Professional Aerial Circus Rigger, Performer, and Custom Circus Structure Designer
-Co-owner and Artistic Director of The Underground Circus (Vancouver's premier professional circus company)
-Former Cirque du Soleil Artist
-Ecole National de Cirque
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I am so happy you have chosen The Rising as your circus hub!  Aerial Arts / Circus is a beautiful and challenging physical art form and is growing in popularity.   Circus used to be on the fringes and was not accessible as a recreational activity or something you did to get in shape.  If you said you did "circus" (aerial) then you were an actual professional Circus Artist.   I am honoured you have chosen The Rising as your training ground, regardless of whether or not you ever step onto the performance stage.  The circus is a special place and there is a niche for everyone here!
Due to the rise in circus ( aerial ) as a recreational activity there have been some questionable and dangerous practices developing, such as aerial classes being offered at studios by inexperienced instructors and with unsafe rigging, adults/children practicing aerial on homemade set ups without supervision or acceptable safety mats, people rigging from trees without knowing anything about the structural integrity of the tree, and online aerial equipment suppliers popping up to make a quick buck without proper manufacturer ratings and testing.  There are many other safety issues that go along with these 4 different scenarios that should be carefully considered.