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  1.  Complete the google doc. ORDER FORM.  Click on the red "Info & Booking" Info button  on our telegram page to access the Order Form.

  2. Our office will contact you within 3 business days to discuss your telegram booking and any questions you may have


1. Bookings are confirmed with payment in full.  We cannot hold reservations without payment.  


2. With minimum 3 weeks notice, we can reschedule your telegram without a charge. 


3. With less than 3 weeks notice there will be a $50 fee for rescheduling ( unless rescheduling due to force majeure eg. bad weather, road closures )  

4. Cancellations with 3 weeks or less notice will receive a 50% refund via e-transfer


Accepted forms of payment :

  • credit card

  • e-transfer

  • PayPal

  • Payment will be arranged once we receive your order form and contact you to discuss your Circus Telegram


  • Telegram can be performed on :  front/back yard, drive ways, open green space, concrete.  The area must be flat and free of pot holes.  If you have a minor slant, let us know.  We will do a complimentary drive by to make sure it is adequate.

  •  Circus show/telegram  will take place on designated area at pre-chosen time

  •  You will be responsible for notifying your birthday telegram recipient to go look out their front door/window at specified time.  Be as creative as you like in how you tell them.  If requested, we can also send you an e-postcard to send to the recipient with details of their Circus telegram.

  • Weather permitting.  No rain, snow, or high winds  

  • Roads to location must be accessible

  • If telegram cannot be performed due to weather or road blockage, your telegram can be re-booked at no additional cost OR you can cancel telegram and receive a full refund

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