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Movement & Soft Acrobatics- Adult ages 18+

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No class May 24 Victoria Day

currently held OUTSIDE at plaza behind Starlight Stadium on Langford Pkwy until May Long Weekend

Do you want to learn how to move with a sense of freedom?

Then join Emrah to find out what movement and soft acrobatics could offer for you!

With this course, we aim to teach you new exciting skills like floor acro, hand balancing, soft acrobatics and flow creation while revisiting the fundamentals of moving such as rolling, jumping, sliding, falling to build a good foundation. 
We'll cover special warmup and flexibility protocols to give you a strong base for what is to come.

This course has no prerequisites but going through a simple corporeal assessment is going to provide us an opportunity to know ourselves and our current level of fitness better.
The content of this course is an essential portion of anyone's physical practice, but these skills are also necessary for life. It can help you move in a way that places less stress on the joints as well as develop reactions that can save you from potential injury.
However if you are a mono disciplinary circus artist who wants to extend your vocabulary within the realm of movement, this class is also for you.

Example Syllabus
- Assessment and Bailing                               - Flow Creation
- Rolls                                                          - Handstands & Handstand transitions
- Plyometrics                                                 - Floor Work
- Cartwheels & Advanced Cartwheels             - Soft Acrobatics
- Trick Kicks 


Prerequisites: none, overall good health

Cost: Drop In $18 + tax

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Tumbling - Adult ages 18+

No classes at this time

Check back in the future

Its never too late to learn how to flip!

Learn the fundamentals for basic tumbling.

Focus on the anatomical ground work for handstands, handsprings, dive rolls, cartwheels, round-offs, backwards rolls, front and back saltos. 

Safety and progressions first and foremost as we train our bodies in the art of motion. 

Prerequisites: none.  Students should be in overall good health



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