Spring Session 2022 Information

10 weeks April 4-June 11
* * centre closed Good Friday, Easter Sunday & Monday, Victoria Day May 23

  • If new to circus or aerial training, student MUST complete a Teen Aerial ABC'S session prior to starting the leveled classes 

  • If unsure of level/class, please call the office at 250-857-1785 and we will help find the best class for your teen

  • Pre-requisites for leveled classes listed below  

  • Students can stay in same level for multiple sessions and work at their own pace

  • Teens age 14+ can reserve a spot in our Open Training Drop In to supplement their circus training or to make up missed classes

  • Consistent attendance is important to gain strength, flexibility, and aerial knowledge 

  • Teen must be able to complete all vocabulary in the class to move onto the next level.  Instructor will recommend level to student 

  • All classes are pro-rated for late registration

  • The Rising is unable to hold spots without payment.  Please remember to complete the checkout process after enrolling online

  • Register for 2 or more aerial classes and receive 10-15% off automatically when you check out ( excludes open training, workshops, non-aerial classes, showteam)

  • new students must have their online waiver signed when they register online. You will be prompted to do so when Rising account is created


 This course is your teens first step in aerial circus training.

Beginner Students must complete this course before signing up for our other aerial classes.

Students will learn the foundations of aerial hammock, silk, hoop, and trapeze.

Develop your aerial knowledge, strength, and skill base with skills such as Mermaid, Man in the Moon, Catchers Lock, Russian Climb and more!


Wednesdays 4:00-5:00pm

April 6- June 8


Cost: $240 + tax  


After Aerial ABC's your teen may choose to specialize in aerial silk.  This  would be their next step.  Students will graduate onto working on stretchy silk, developing the strength needed to invert and work with height. Learn skills such as x back,  Rebecca split,  knee hooks, arabesque, and more!

                                                                                        Prerequisites: Aerial ABC's or equivalent from another circus school


COST: $192 +tax


Can't decide which apparatus to specialize on?  Love them all?

Join our Mixed Aerials class and continue your training on aerial silk, hoop, and trapeze!

Building on foundational knowledge this mixed levels class takes your aerial training to the next level with various poses, hangs, spins and sequences. 

 Students work on aerial strength, vocabulary,  transitions, and sequence building


Beginner Prerequisites:  Aerial ABC's or equivalent 

                                                                                            Intermediate Prerequisites: at coaches discretion, single knee hang 20 sec each leg, 10 chin ups feet on floor, 10 half leg lifts straight legs, 5 skin the cats, comfortable working with  spin, 2 climbs to top of stretchy silk in a row, foot locks in air, inversions in air with good technique


Saturdays 12:00-1:00 pm

April 9 - June 11        


COST: $240 + tax


Does your teen love performing and creating? Is the stage calling their name?

Do they want to learn how to create their own circus act?

Showcase their talents and join our Act Creation class!

Students create their own act from choosing their apparatus & music, and making their own choreography & costume.  Instructor gives tools to use in the creation process and provides feedback & guidance.

Acts must be between 2 - 4 minutes

The session ends with a Performance in front of a live audience at The Rising's studio

This years theme is "Under The Big Top"

Prerequisites: minimum 6 months consistent training at The Rising


Show Date: Sunday June 12 matinee & evening ( times TBD )

Dress Rehearsal: Fri June 10 during last class


Fridays 4:45-5:45 pm

* No class Good Friday

April 8-June 10


Cost: $200 + tax

includes performance fee


The Rising's Student performance team.  

For students committed to their circus training and interested in going beyond a recreational level.  

2 aerial classes and 1 Handstand class per week

The Show Team is a full year commitment.  

Students train year-round to create a full-length circus show which will be performed at The Rising's Studio to a public audience every June,  along with other performance opportunities through out the year.                    

Students also learn Stage Tech skills by working other shows that occur at The Rising.  

Students must show a love of performance/showmanship, strong training ethic in class, and meet the strength & flexibility requirements listed below​

​*Admission to the Show Team is by invitation only.  

Competitive Dance and/or Competitive Gymnastics backgrounds beneficial

Prerequisites: full splits in 1 direction minimum, backbend with straight arms/legs hold for 30 sec, cartwheel, fwd and bwd roll, back or front walkover, climb to top of stretchy silks 3 x's in a row, clean inversions in air, skin the cat x 5, 3 full chin ups, 3 full leg lifts, hip key, thigh hitch, single knee hang 30 sec, clean foot locks in air, must be at an intermediate+ level in at least 2 aerial apparatus'

SCHEDULE: Tuesdays 6:00 - 8:30 pm  ( aerial & handstands )

Saturdays 10:45-11:45 am ( aerial )

April 5 - June 11

COST:  590 + tax

JUNE PERFORMANCE: "Alice In Circusland" June 18

Rehearsal Week: June 13-17

Additional $75 rehearsal week fee due June 13


Missed a class and want to make it up?  Want more training time to see faster progress or to reach your aerial goals?

Reserve your spot online via the Open Training Drop & Class Drop In Calendar.                                                                           Let supervising coach know if you are making up a missed class or coming in for extra training when you arrive.  Coach will document and then charge will be put through on your account

Open Training is self-guided.  Coach provides supervision only.


 Cost: $12 drop in +tax

 *No charge if making up a missed class in Spring Session

                                                                                            Prerequisites: Aerial ABC's, must be a current or former student of The Rising


Intermediate level silk & hammock class working with full height on stretchy silk.

Class incorporates inversion skills and drops such as monkey drop, X straddle back,  belays, hip key skills and more!


Prerequisites: 2 climbs to top of stretchy silk in classic and Russian climb no rest, ability to invert in air and hold 5 sec, foot locks in air, same side knee hooks, flexed arm hang 30 sec,  knee drop, hip key, thigh hitch,  minimum 6 months consistent training in beginner level.  

* The Rising reserves the right to place students in the correct level if we feel your  teen requires more training before entering intermediate classes

Mondays 4:00-5:00pm

April 4 - June 6

* No class Easter Monday and Victoria Day


COST: $192 +tax


Beg / Int skills, hangs spins, transitions and sequences on aerial hoop.  Gain strength, flexibility, and coordination to build your skill repertoire.  Explore the hoop at different heights and enjoy the spinning beauty of this apparatus.

Beginner Prerequisites: Aerial ABC's or equivalent

Intermediate Prerequisites: single knee hangs 20 sec, 10 chin ups low bar, 10 half leg lifts straight legs, 5 skin the cats, 1 arm hangs 10 sec each arm, comfortable working with spin, minimum 1 year consistent training, pull over on bottom and top bar with  proper technique

 *  If uncertain about level talk to your coach or inquire at office


Mondays 5:15-6:15 pm

April 4 - June 6

* No class Easter Monday & Victoria Day

Cost: $192 +tax