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  • Click on REGISTER button on selected class page

  • Create a Rising account or log in to your existing account through our online portal 

  • Enroll in desired classes.  Make sure you meet the pre-requisites ( if any ) and enroll in correct AGE group

  • To secure your registration, you must COMPLETE PAYMENT at time of check out, otherwise you will automatically be removed from class by end of that day

  • We cannot hold your spots without payment 

  • If paying in installments, please follow written instructions on registration portal

  • Other accepted payment forms: 

      PayPal: please call or email office on the day you register online so we can send you a PayPal invoice and ensure your         registration is not cancelled.  Office closes by 8pm so please contact us before that time

      E-Transfer: Send e-transfer to after registering online ( no password needed )

  • At this point in time we do NOT accept debit cards at the office

  • All Classes are PRO-RATED for late registration 



  • 3 reserved parking stalls are available directly in front of The Rising

  • If spots are taken, you can park in the communal parking lot that borders Langford Parkway.  It is in front of GESCAN.  You can park in any unmarked spot.  

  • Please do not park in reserved spots for other businesses.  



  • Waiver  must be read in full and accepted online on registration page to participate in any programs 


  • Waiver includes media release.  Instructors occasionally take photos during class time for The Rising's online sites.  If you or your child do not want to appear in our promotional photos/videos please inform office via email and include name.  

  • If you are an instructor of aerial arts or plan to become one, The Rising-Victoria Centre for Circus Arts classes are not to be used as class plans for your own business or employment.  Failure to comply will result in termination of class registration without refund.  We strive to uphold high standards (safety, knowledge, curriculum, teaching methodology) within the Victoria Aerial Arts community and encourage you to keep training before you attempt to teach too early. There are no shortcuts - gaining enough experience and knowledge of the circus/aerial arts, rigging and mentoring under experienced teachers is our philosophy.  If you would like to become or further your training as an aerial arts teacher let us know and we can help guide you, provide feedback, and mentorship/training opportunities may be available.  

  • No horse play in the front lobby room

  • Students suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to participate and asked to leave the class.  If this is a repeated offense, students will be removed from current session without refund and banned from registering for any future classes at The Rising.

  • Students and parents must appreciate the inherent risks and dangers involved with studying aerial arts ( silk, hoop, trapeze, etc) 

  • All students must be able to follow the Coaches instructions and be able to work independently when on apparatus or at a station without posing disruption to the class or extra risk to themselves and/or the other students. The safety of the class as a whole is of utmost importance at The Rising.  We are not able to provide extra staff for special needs care.  If you or your child require special attention or the coach feels that the format of our regularly scheduled classes are not appropriate for you or your child  an alternative option may be discussed, such as private lessons and you will be reimbursed for remaining enrollment.

  • Parents/Students must inform The Rising via their online registration/email/phone/ or in person

of any allergies, medical conditions, medication, injuries, physical disabilities, behavioural or learning abilities etc. that could affect participation in class

  • NO SHOES in circus room.  Shoes must be removed and placed on shoe rack

  • Bikes are not permitted inside The Rising. 

  • Due to the delicate nature of our flooring in the circus warehouse no wheelchairs or motorized carts of any kind are allowed.

  • The Rising is not responsible for any valuables.  The Rising does not have lockers.  Please leave valuables in car or at home.  Cubbies and shoe rack are provided for footwear, bags, and clothing

  • No soliciting

  • No food or drink, except for water bottles in circus room.  Help us keep our centre clean

  • Our coaches utilize spotting techniques at times to safely guide students through the skills.  If you are uncomfortable with hands on teaching please let your coach and the office know in advance 


  •  No one is allowed on the equipment, until instructor has begun class and warm up is complete

  • No one is allowed on any apparatus or equipment unless they have signed a liability waiver form 

  • All participants, or parents of minor participants, must list on their Rising account any physical, emotional, or mental limitations that may affect the participant’s participation & safety.  If injury occurs after enrollment please inform instructor before your next class begins.

  • Participants, or parents of minor participants, must appreciate the risks of participation. Any activity involving height & /or motion has the potential for unintentional injury.

  •  In case of emergency or injury, please immediately notify your instructor. There is a first aid kit in the front and back rooms

  • Students are to sit or stand on the mats/floor while the instructor is demonstrating on the apparatus (no one in the air at the same time as the instructor is giving a class demo ).

  •  No student is allowed to go higher than the instructors guidelines

  • No new drops allowed unless the wrap has been verified by instructor

  • When tangled or in uncomfortable position (and can’t get out) loudly ask for help!

  • Stay off the mats when equipment is being rigged

  • no earbuds or headphones while on the apparatus


The Rising will be strictly adhering to policies listed below.  Please read carefully:

  • Once classes begin no class refunds for any reason, excluding illness or injury with a doctors note

  • REFDUNDS- Cancellation  7+ days from class start date, a full refund will be given

  • REFUNDS- Cancellation from 6-1 days notice from class start date and a 50% refund will be granted

  • CLASS CREDIT may be given on a case by case basis for a WITHDRAWAL where a student will miss 75% or more of a session.  Student must email the office within the first quarter of the session to make request.  Otherwise, no class credit for missed classes.

  • KIDS MAKEUP CLASSES:  reserve a spot in Circus Kids Happy Hour.  Email to request spot.  Include your desired date of drop in and if space is available we will add your child to the drop in.  Go to our Kids Classes Page to view the schedule for Circus Happy Hour drop in

  • TEEN / ADULT MAKE UP CLASSES:  Students can reserve a spot in our open training drop in to makeup a missed class.  You will not be charged when you reserve your spot online.  Make up class must be made up in same session as missed class.  For more details please see open training drop in page

  • Classes will be prorated for late registration                

  • The Rising reserves the right to cancel classes due to weather, coach absence, or other rare circumstances.  The best place to check current status of classes during bad weather is on our FB and IG pages.  We will try to notify via email and /or phone, text, however, this is not always possible.  Cancelled classes by The Rising will be credited back to your account or a make up class option will be scheduled.


  • Fitted, athletic wear that you can move freely in

  • No baggy clothing that could get caught on apparatus or obstruct your vision

  • Stomachs and backs of knees covered ( shorts are discouraged for aerial classes )

  • No jewelry of any kind.  You may be asked to tape over piercings that cannot be removed

  • No zippers or metal fasteners on clothing.  This can damage the equipment or your skin

  • Long hair tied back

  • Barefeet.  At times socks are recommended for certain skills.  Your instructor will let you know

  • Long, artificial nails are discouraged

  • Bring water bottle ( no glass allowed )

  • Optional but strongly encouraged for teens and adults: Notepad/paper to write down skills learned and any helpful notes


  • All classes are a closed class setting for safety reasons and to respect the learning environment of our students

  • Last day of class in a session is reserved for Family/Friend Viewing.  Parents will receive an email with details closer to the last class date

  • Do not watch from the doorway obstructing the entrance into the circus rooms



- The use of student's personal cell phones, camera, or video equipment while on the studio floor is prohibited during class time ( excluding Aerial Open Training drop in times).  We will have designated picture taking days for students and parents.  Cell phones must remain in the cubbies in lobby area, if brought into The Rising.  


- No gum, food, or drink allowed on gym floor.  Only water bottles with a leak proof lid allowed during class time.


- No profane or abusive language allowed in the space.  You will be asked to leave if it persists and will not receive a refund.


- Students are not permitted to instruct or spot each other unless instructed to in emergency situation. Words of encouragement and cheering on our fellow aerialists/acrobats allowed!

-no bullying.  You will be asked to leave without refund

-no harassment of any kind towards other students or teachers

-please clean up after yourself and place all garbage in bins provided

-for the safety of our students and coaches and to ensure all who attend The Rising have an enjoyable experience, all students must be able to follow The Rising Circus' rules/ gym etiquette posted in our gym and be able to participate without continual disruption to the class.   If we feel you/your child is struggling in this area we may recommend a withdrawal and opportunity to return when you/they are better equipped to participate 

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