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Partner Acrobatics- Adult Beginner / Intermediate
Winter 2023

Learn basic- intermediate level movements, language, refinements, and progressions, as well as the roles in partner acrobtatics: base, flyer, and spotter. No experience required if you are a beginner, and no partner needed! 


In our classes, safety, teamwork and persistence are key. We create a learning environment in which you are free to take smart risks, say no when you need to, and explore your capabilities.

Our goal is that you leave the class feeling empowered, joyful, and caring for yourself and others. Come and try partner acrobatics with us!


​Intermediate level is for those who have already started on their acro journey and are committed to deepening their practice and improving their strength, flexibility, and balance. This class is for people who have completed a beginner course with us before, or who are already engaged in regular acro practice or jams with at least one other person. 

We will be learning transitions, washing machines, introduction to pops, flows, and basic standing acrobatics. 

For this reason, you need to have some acro foundations in place, either as a base or as a flyer.

Intermediate Prerequisites: ten second holds of: bird, reverse bird, star, side star, straddle throne, throne, and shoulder stand, as well as tripod or forearm headstand on the floor. 

Prerequisites: Age 18+

Time: Fridays 7:30-8:45pm

Location:  Room A

Dates: Jan 14-March 18

Cost: $230 +tax

* Drop Ins Welcome $26 +tax per person

  • click on register button below

  • create or sign into your Rising account

  • click on enroll in class

  • go to "Open Training or Class Drop In Programs Winter 2023" calendar

  • click on desired date and add yourself to class

  • complete the checkout process with payment

  • we cannot reserve your spot without payment 

Acro Yoga for Kids
age 9-12
Winter 2023

Children are encouraged to have fun and explore their own bodies in a playful, supportive environment.

Acroyoga builds trust, cooperation and concentration. Students will work in partners or small groups in the roles of base & flyer.  The base supports the weight of the flyer.  The flyer performs fun and creative skills in connection with the base.

Students will improve their coordination, balance, cooperation and communication skills all while having a ball!

Prerequisites: none. Must be age 9-12

Time: Saturdays 12:00-12:45pm

Location:  Room B

Dates: Jan 14-March 18

Cost: $160 +tax

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