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Listed below are The Rising’s guidelines/policies which must be accepted and followed by all students / staff / visitors who enter The Rising. 

* These Health & Safety Guidelines are subject to change


  • All high use areas (i.e. door handles, counters, washrooms, cubbies) will be disinfected twice daily

  • Teen and Adult Students will wipe down their own mats and aerial equipment after their class using the provided cleaning materials. 

  • Staff will spray and wipe down equipment after Kids classes using approved disinfectant

  • Aerial Silk/Hammocks will be used in weekly rotation and washed at end of every session or sooner

  • Small items used at any point (eg. exercise balls, hoops, wall bars, tubing, weights, etc) will be wiped down and disinfected after each single use by student age teen-adult or by staff.

  • Teen and Adult Students are welcome to use the disposable disinfecting wipes/spray bottles available if they wish to disinfect equipment at any point during their class

  • Cleaning supplies include: Bioesque, Decon 30, Pine Sol, Bleach and water solution, Lysol products


  • A health screening questionnaire is posted on our front door.  Do not enter if you answer YES to any of the questions

  • All students age 22 and older must have proof of vaccination in order to participate in classes

  • Masks are required for students ages 5+ and can be removed once warm up is over and students are at their apparatus.

  • Do not enter The Rising until 5 min before your class.  Please wait in your car or outside our doors. This is to ensure previous class has left the building and disinfecting procedures are completed.  

  • Please respect physical distancing measures when entering/exiting The Rising

  • Please leave promptly after class.  We love our students & community but socializing must happen outside The Rising for now

  • Come to class in clothes you will be taking the class in as often as possible

  • Limit amount of personal belongings taken into The Rising. (eg. Water bottle, car keys, wallet).

  • Immediately wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before your class starts, at end of your class, and after using washroom

  • Proceed directly to the room your class is held in and wait for class to begin once hands are washed and belongings stored. Refrain from waiting on couches or hanging out in lobby

  • Please read and follow any signs and posters on the walls and floors

  • Cover all coughs/sneezes in elbow or tissue and immediately dispose of tissue and wash hands afterwards with soap & water

  • No student access to fridge/microwave/cups/utensils, etc.  Please remember to fill up your water bottles at home, if possible.  We cannot supply cups at this time if you forget a water bottle


  • DROP OFF- children can enter 5 min before class time starts.  Please wait in car/with parent outside of school until that time

  • Staff will be present to guide and supervise children as they make their way to class

  • If needed, parents can enter briefly to drop off their child and help them get ready for class 

  • Except for Mini Cirque class ( ages 4-5), Parents must remain outside of building during class time.  No waiting area inside the school at this time, except under extenuating circumstances.

  • PICK UP- please wait for your child in your car or outside of front door.  Do not enter the school during pick up time.  Coach will supervise children leaving the facility

  • Please do your best to arrive on time for Pick Up so we can make sure we have enough time to disinfect facility before next class arrives

  • Bring a water bottle for your child.  We cannot supply cups at this time for water

  • Please have your child arrive in the clothes they are going to take class in

  • Proof of Vaccination required for adults on family viewing days


  • Two student max per aerial point at this time

  • Please stay in your designated training area 2.5 sq m/ on your crash mat, unless using washroom

  • No partnering 

  • Limited spotting from coaches, unless in emergency situation.  This means that students will not be able to attempt certain skills for which they need spot.  Students will need to respect the discretion of the coach, be patient with their own progress, and continue to perfect previously learned skills that still need work

  • Students cannot spot or touch each other or their coaches, unless in emergency situation

  • Staff required to wear mask 

  • Students are welcome to bring their own dry chalk or spray rosin. 

  • Hand sanitizer pumps will be available throughout the school

  • Classes will promptly start and end on time



  • No Lost & Found. All items left behind will be disposed of immediately

  • Added Ventilation: Loading bay doors will be left open during warmer months

  • Loft and lobby area are not available to hang out in prior to and after your class

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