& NEW POLICIES ( Phase 1 )

Listed below are The Rising's PHASE 1 guidelines which must be accepted and followed by all students / staff / visitors / and guests who enter The Rising. 

According to the guidelines set forth by WorkSafe BC, BC Ministry of Health, American Circus Educators (ACE), EnPiste ( Canada's National Circus Alliance), and Gymnastics BC we have created the policies and procedures below to help mitigate the risks of Covid-19.

* These Health & Safety Guidelines are subject to change and we will introduce a PHASE 2 when applicable



  • All high use areas (i.e. door handles, washrooms) will be disinfected several times per day

  • Teen and Adult Classes: one student will be chosen to remain with coach for a few extra minutes at end of each class to assist with disinfecting equipment and mats

  • Kids Classes: Staff will spray and wipe down equipment 

  • Aerial Silk/Hammocks will be machine washed after each use or bagged and separated for 72 hours min depending on class schedule

  • Rigging hardware will be disinfected minimum once/day by staff.  Students are to refrain from touching rigging hardware or to help with rigging equipment

  • Cubbies disinfected each day

  • Small items used at any point (eg. exercise balls, hoops, wall bars, tubing, weights, etc) will be wiped down and disinfected after each single use by Staff.  However, use of these items will be greatly reduced and some will not be available at this time

  • Teen and Adult Students are welcome to use the disposable disinfecting wipes/spray bottles available if they wish to disinfect equipment at any point during their class

  • Cleaning supplies include: Bioesque ( non-toxic, chemical free, skin safe, Govt of Canada Approved)  Bleach and water solution, Lysol products


  • Read and Sign our new waiver via the registration portal through your Rising account.  Minors must have waiver signed by legal guardian.  Students cannot participate in classes unless new waiver has been agreed to/signed

  • All students/ legal guardians must sign our Safety First Partnership Agreement and Assumption of Risk form.  It is available for download at the bottom of this page, as well as linked in emails.  It must be printed out and handed in at first class.  Students cannot participate until The Rising receives this form.

  • A screening questionnaire will be posted on our front door.  Do not enter if you answer YES to any of the questions 

  • Agree to have their temperature taken with no-touch thermometer by staff before entering each class.  Temperatures will not be recorded.  For screening purposes only.  If temperature at 38 degrees C or above, student will be sent home, and cannot return to class until symptoms subside and doctors note handed in to The Rising office

  • Do not enter The Rising until 5 min before your class.  Please wait in your car or outside our doors while maintaining 2 metres separation.  This is to ensure previous class has left the building and disinfecting procedures are completed.  

  • Please respect physical distancing measures when entering/exiting The Rising

  • Please leave promptly after class.  We love our students & community but socializing must happen outside The Rising for now

  • Shoes immediately removed and placed on shoe rack upon entering

  • Come to class in clothes you will be taking the class in, as often as possible

  • Limit amount of personal belongings taken into The Rising. (eg. Water bottle, car keys, wallet).  

  • Immediately wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds after entering and after using washroom

  • Proceed directly to your aerial point/mat assigned by coach at first class and wait for class to begin once hands are washed and belongings stored.  Refrain from waiting on couches or hanging out in front room

  • Please read and follow any signs and posters on the walls and floors

  • Cover all coughs/sneezes in elbow or tissue and immediately dispose of tissue and wash hands afterwards with soap & water

  • No student access to fridge/microwave/cups/utensils, etc.  Please remember to fill up your water bottles at home.  We cannot supply cups at this time if you forget a water bottle


  • DROP OFF- children can enter 5 min before class time starts.  Please wait in car/with parent outside of school until that time

  • Children will be screened for symptoms and temperature taken with a no touch thermometer by staff before entering

  • Coach will be present to guide and supervise children as they make their way to class  

  • If needed, parents can enter briefly to drop off their child and help them get ready for class while maintaining 2 metres distance from others.  Parents will need to have their temperature taken if they enter

  • No parent watching days at this time.  Coaches will take photos and some video throughout the session and share on our social media ( FB and IG) to show what children are working on.  If you do not want your child to appear in any photos/video please inform The Rising via email

  • Parents must remain outside of building during class time.  No waiting area inside the school at this time  

  • PICK UP- please wait for your child in your car or outside of front door.  Do not enter the school during pick up time.  Coach will supervise children leaving the facility

  • Please do your best to arrive on time for Pick Up so we can make sure we have enough time to disinfect facility before next class arrives

  • Bring a water bottle for your child.  We cannot supply cups at this time for water

  • Please have your child arrive in the clothes they are going to take class in

  • Coaches will not be spotting students at this time, unless in emergency situation.  This means that we cannot teach certain skills at this time for which your child will need spot.  Students will need to focus on safe drills given by coach until they develop the strength, flexibility, and coordination to attempt the skill on their own.  Students will need to respect the discretion of the coach, be patient with their own progress, and continue to perfect previously learned skills that still need work


  • Classes at 50% capacity or less in this phase. Most classes will have 4-6 participants

  • One student per aerial point at this time

  • Please stay in your designated training area, unless using washroom, outlined by your crash mat 

  • Warm ups will be done on individual mats

  • No partnering 

  • No spotting from coaches, unless in emergency situation.  This means that students will not be able to attempt certain skills for which they need spot.   Students will need to respect the discretion of the coach, be patient with their own progress, and continue to perfect previously learned skills that still need work

  • Students cannot spot or touch eachother or their coaches, unless in emergency situation

  • Masks are optional.  It has been our experience that doing aerial work can be more dangerous with a mask due to: movement of mask, poor visibility, distraction caused by mask, coach unable to read facial expressions/non-verbal cues of student should they need help while on apparatus, difficulty hearing students when they speak, difficulty hearing instructions if coach is wearing mask, mask falling off while on apparatus, lowered oxygen levels, sweating and touching mask, etc

  • Staff may choose to wear masks when on ground or not teaching class, if they choose.  However, most staff will not be wearing masks when on apparatus due to reasons listed above.  

  • Aerial Hoops will be UN-TAPED for disinfecting purposes.  They may feel slippery at first but we will adapt with practice

  • No chalk bins or rosin available at this time

  • Teen/Adult Students are welcome to bring their own spray/liquid chalk or spray rosin.  No powders.  Your items must be kept beside or on your mat.  

  • Hand sanitizer pumps will be available throughout the school

  • Classes will start and end on time


  • No Lost & Found.  All items left behind will be disposed of immediately

  • Added Ventilation: Loading bay doors will be left open during warmer months

  • No Trapeze classes at this time

  • Loft and front room area are not available to hang out in prior to and after your class

  • No open training drop in at this time.  We WILL be resuming Open Training Drop In later in the year barring any unforeseen circumstances.  If you have an Open Training PUNCHARD you can then start using the punchcard again

  • Maximum 15 people allowed in The Rising at any one time


  • no cash/cheque payments.  CC, PayPal, E-transfer only


Due to operating at 50% capacity, there have been changes to the following policies. The Rising will be strictly adhering to policies listed below.  Please read carefully:

  • Once classes begin no class refunds 

  • Withdrawal up to 7 days from class start date, a full refund will be given

  • Withdrawal less than 7 days notice from class start date and a 50% refund will be granted

  • No class credit for MISSED classes​

  • CLASS CREDIT will be given for a WITHDRAWAL where a student will miss 50% or more of a session

  • KIDS MAKEUP CLASSES:  no option to make up missed kids classes at this time

  • TEEN / ADULT MAKE UP CLASSES:  no option to make up missed classes at this time.  We are looking at resuming open training drop in later in 2020.  Make up classes will be re-instated at that time   

  • Classes will be prorated for late registration                

  • The Rising reserves the right to cancel classes due to weather, coach absence, or other rare circumstances.  The best place to check current status of classes during bad weather is on our FB and IG pages.  We will try to notify via email and /or phone, text, however, this is not always possible.  Cancelled classes by The Rising will be credited back to your account or a make up class option will be scheduled.

Safety First Partnership Agreement & Assumption of Risk- Download form below, sign, and bring to first class

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