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Young Mother and Baby

Baby & Me Aerial

Postponed for Fall Session

* Will be offered in 2022 if enough interest

Do you have a new baby at home?  Curious about Aerial Training and looking for a new way to improve your fitness?

 This class allows you to bring your baby into the studio while you train beside them on aerial hammock.   

Learn the foundations of aerial hammock low to the ground with safety mats, along with gentle stretching and strength building in a safe and supportive environment

For moms with babies who are not yet walking.  Babies will lay beside you either on a blanket or seat of your choice.   There will be opportunities to interact with your baby in certain poses if they are feeling up to it!  Feel free to bring toys and take breaks as you need.

Prerequisites: none, however, must be cleared by doctor to resume fitness training

COST: $110 + tax for 5 week session

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