• We have a variety of adult classes for beginners-advanced 
  • Please choose class according to your level  
  • If you are new to aerial/circus then you must complete the Adult Aerial ABC's session prior to starting leveled classes
  • After completing Aerial ABC's students can choose to specialize on an apparatus or join the Mixed Aerials class so you don't have to choose
  • Pre-requisites for leveled classes are listed below under each class  
  • If you are unsure which class to choose, please call the office and we will help you make your decision 
  • Students often stay in same level for multiple sessions and work at their own pace
  • All classes follow The Rising's circus curriculum  
  • You must be able to complete all vocabulary in the class to move onto the next level  
  • All Classes are pro-rated for late registration
  • All students should be in overall good health 
  • Please read our SCHOOL POLICIES 
  • Register for 2 or more aerial classes and receive 10-15% off automatically when you check out!
       ( excluding punchcards, workshops, Flexibility, Handstands, Tumbling) 
  • PAYMENT PLANS: if you prefer to pay in 3 installments, please choose SPRING 2020 PAYMENT PLAN when registering online.  You will be prompted to make a choice between paying in full or paying in installments
    • 40% due on registration
    • 30% due April 14
    • 30% due May 4

Adult Aerial ABC's

Tuesdays 7:45 - 8:45pm

10 weeks March 31 - June 2

This class is your starting point when you begin your aerial training

Foundational class for all beginners

Learn the basics of aerial silk, hoop, and static trapeze in a safe and supportive environment and discover the "aerial star" inside of you!

Develop your strength, flexibility, balance and coordination

Prerequisites: none.  Students should be in overall good health

* This class is a prerequisite for all leveled classes

max 8 students

COST:  $220 + gst

ADULT AERIAL HOOP - Beginner/Intermediate

Mondays 7:45 - 8:45pm 

8 weeks March 31 - June 1

*No class Easter Monday & Victoria Day

Beginner/Intermediate skills, hangs, spins, transitions, and  sequencing on aerial hoop.  Gain strength, flexibility, and coordination to build your skill repertoire.  Explore the hoop at different heights and enjoy the beauty of this apparatus

Beginner Prequisites : Aerial ABC's or equivalent

Intermediate Prerequisites: single knee hangs 20 sec, 2 full chin up, 2 full leg lifts

max 8 students

​COST: $176 + gst


Mondays 6:30 - 7:30pm 

8 weeks March 31 - June 1

*No class Easter Monday & Victoria Day

Advancedlevel poses, hangs, spins, transitions, and a strong emphasis on sequencing and working with a spin.  Hoop will be used at various heights.  Gain more strength, flexibility, and skill knowledge​

Prerequisites: Intermediate Hoop or equivalent

Strength level: 1 arm hang 20 sec, single knee hang 30 sec, 3 full chin ups, 3 leg lefts, 5 skin the cats, spin during sequencing.  

If uncertain about level talk to your coach or inquire at office 

max 8 students

COST: $176+ gst

ADULT AERIAL HAMMOCK - Beginner/Intermediate

Wednesdays 6:30 - 7:30pm 

10 weeks April 1 - June 3

This class explores climbs, wraps, poses, drops, and sequences on aerial hammock

Aerial Hammock uses the silk as a loop closer to the floor which allows for spins, floor work, and more options for aerial dance

Prerequisites- Aerial ABC's or equivalent

*Space limited, 8 max

COST: $220 + gst



Wednesdays 7:45 - 8:45pm

10 weeks April 1 - June 3

Beginner: Building on foundational knowledge, explore climbs, wraps, short sequences and poses on aerial silk. Gain aerial strength, knowledge, endurance.  Foundational skills like inversions, footlocks in air, hip key, and thigh hitch will be a focus

Aerial silk requires a strong upper body and core to continue progressing and help remain safe off the ground.  We strongly encourage our students to make use of Open Training Drop In to muscle condition, review skills learned in class and stretch. 

Beginner Prerequisites: Aerial ABC's or equivalent 

COST: $220 + gst

*Space limited, 8 max



Thursdays 7:45 - 8:45pm

10 weeks April 2 - June 4

Intermediate: Students work on inversions, increased vocabulary, drops, sequences and building aerial endurance and strength.

Aerial silk requires a strong upper body and core to continue progressing and help remain safe off the ground.  We strongly encourage our students to make use of Open Training Drop In to muscle condition, review skills learned in class and stretch.  Buy a punch card today!

Intermediate Prerequisites: Beginner Silk or equivalent  and approval from instructor PLUS: Climb 2x's to top without         rest, single foot locks off ground, inversion into catchers, cross back straddle, 45 sec flexed arm hang, hip key, thigh hitch, knee drop, star drop ( all with good form), 3 leg lifts, 2 pull ups

COST: $220 + gst

*Space limited, 8 max


Thursdays 6:30 - 7:30pm

10 weeks April 2 - June 4

Advanced level class on 2 strand silk.  Various climbs, wraps, drops, sequences taught.  Recommended to attend Open training drop ins to supplement this class level.   Mandatory class to be a part of Rising Circus Show Team 

Prerequisites:  Silk Intermediate or equivalent,   3 climbs to top, 1 min flexed arm hang, 5 chin ups, 5 leg lifts, 5 skin the cats, straight arm inversion,  1/2 way up no leg climb, approval from instructor

COST: $220 + gst


Beginner / Intermediate

Fridays 6:45 - 7:45pm 

9 weeks April 3 - June 5

Can't decide which apparatus to specialize on?

Have you completed our Aerial ABC's class?  

Then join the Mixed Aerials class and keep training on  aerial silk, hoop, static trapeze! 

Prerequisites: Adult Aerial ABC's

*Space limited, 8 max

COST: $198 + gst


Tuesdays 8:30-9:30pm

9 weeks March 31- May 26

Do you love performing and creating?  Are you looking for an opportunity to showcase your talents and take your circus training more seriously? Join our Act Creation class and perform for the public in our Student Showcase at The Rising Studio!

Students create their own act from choreography -music- costuming.  Instructor provides feedback & guidance throughout process, giving students tools to use in the process.  

** please note students must lead their own warm up in loft area from 8:30-8:45pm

Acts must be between 2-4 minutes.

Includes dress/tech rehearsal fees

This years theme is "80's Aerials"

Mandatory Dress Rehearsal 3pm Saturday May 30

Show Date Sunday May 31 matinee and evening showtimes TBD

COST: $195 + gst

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